Medical Industry - Odor Control

Our approach to odor removal/control is rather unique as we do not use any air fresheners, ozone or sprays, neither do we employ any means of masking or cover ups. Our process is all natural, nontoxic and totally green. We actually eliminate/control odors at the molecular level, our odor controllers emit the molecules from our formula and they in turn seek out and bind with the offending malodorous molecules thereby converting these malodorous molecules into non-odorous compounds.

Medical Industry - Odor Control

Medical facilities (nursing homes, clinics and hospitals) provide a vital service in caring for those who are sick or can no longer take care of themselves. Odors have both emotional impact on its residents and a potentially damaging impact on revenues.

Nursing homes provide a vital service for older adults. When people search for a nursing home or assisted living facility, they are on an emotional roller coaster. They want the best possible arrangement for their loved ones. Any foul odors they encounter have a huge impact on their facility selection. Furthermore, if they encounter persistent odors when visiting relatives, chances are they will look for another facility eventually. As a business, empty rooms and turnover can cost nursing homes thousands and thousands of dollars every month. While the things that cause odors (sickness, soiled linens, soiled diapers) are normal in this environment, the odors can be controlled and eliminated with Rainbow Services.

Hospital, like nursing homes, has a wide range of odors that are normal for the environment. At the same time, both patients and employees are affected by these odors. Rainbow Services started in the medical industry and has helped countless facilities remove and control odors. In extreme cases, patient care and happiness were at risk due to the odors emitted from the patient. In this event, we provided a service that made it tolerable for family to visit and for employees to provide the best possible care. Rainbow Services can do the same for your facility.

The company started in the medical industry where odor control is vital. State of California Title 22 forbids the covering or masking of odors; we do neither. We are in complete compliance with Title 22. Since that time, the company has expanded into numerous markets where odors adversely affect business. For a list of industries served.

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