Automotive Industry - Odor Removal

Our approach to odor removal/control is rather unique as we do not use any air fresheners, ozone or sprays, neither do we employ any means of masking or cover ups. Our process is all natural, nontoxic and totally green. We actually eliminate/control odors at the molecular level, our odor controllers emit the molecules from our formula and they in turn seek out and bind with the offending malodorous molecules thereby converting these malodorous molecules into non-odorous compounds.

Automotive Industry - Odor Removal

Cars with bad odors are harder to sell, cost more to recondition (with no guarantee of odor removal) and can mean the difference between a retail sale and sending the vehicle to wholesale auction.

Rainbow Services has service plans for dealers to ensure that every car that needs odor removal can get it immediately. Our service more than pays for itself through faster inventory turnover and less vehicles in wholesale auction - in other words, we can help you realize thousands of dollars in potentially lost revenue.

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