Permanent Odor Removal - Apartment Turn Overs

Our approach to odor removal/control is rather unique as we do not use any air fresheners, ozone or sprays, neither do we employ any means of masking or cover ups. Our process is all natural, nontoxic and totally green. We actually eliminate/control odors at the molecular level, our odor controllers emit the molecules from our formula and they in turn seek out and bind with the offending malodorous molecules thereby converting these malodorous molecules into non-odorous compounds.

Permanent Odor Removal – Apartment Turn Overs

We offer an on-demand service to PERMANENTLY remove unwanted odors from apartments.

Very briefly we do not use air fresheners, deodorizers or ozone and we do not mask or cover up odors. We treat the entire interior structure of the apt. at the molecular level to absolutely, totally and permanently remove odors such as:

  • • Pet urine
  • • Smoke
  • • Curry
  • • and more

Our process is totally green, natural and nontoxic. Since our process is executed at the molecular level we remove even the problem embedded odors that have permeated into:

  • • Walls
  • • Studs
  • • Ceilings
  • • Cabinets
  • • flooring
  • • Sub-floors

saving you thousands of dollars by not having to replace carpeting or tear out fixtures. We are so confident of our service being an ABSOLUTE PERMANENT REMOVAL that we guarantee complete satisfaction or NO CHARGE. In fact, it is scientifically impossible for our service not to work.

Monthly Odor Control - Hallways and Common Areas

Lingering odors in hallways from cooking, smoking, pets and a variety of other sources are an irritation to most residents not to mention that it is quite an obstacle to the point of embarrassment when touring with a prospective resident. Our 3 decades of ODOR CONTROL SERVICE in the medical industry has by far made us the #1 name in odor control.

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