How We Remove Odors

In order to understand our service, one must understand the way odors are generated. It is a process called off-gassing.

Off-Gassing and Odors

Odors, the smells that linger forever, are the result of a process called off-gassing. The off-gassing process starts with malodorous (foul smelling) molecules released by any number of sources. While you may try to use deodorizers, air fresheners or ozone treatments, the sad fact is that these products only mask the odors and do nothing to eliminate them permanently. Odor molecules have a secret, migrant life about which most people are unaware. Once let loose from the original odor source, these malodorous molecules literally take over the place. These particles invade and inhabit every single porous material imaginable.

  • • All thing Porous
  • • Drapes
  • • Vents
  • • Carpets
  • • Sub Floors
  • • Paint
  • • Sheet Rock
  • • and even Studs

No porous matter goes untouched and most surfaces are porous except for glass, porcelain, some counter tops. The worst part is that it is only the beginning!

How Our Guaranteed Service Works

The technology used by Rainbow Services consists of releasing odor-neutralizing molecules that permeate all the porous materials in search of the malodorous molecules everywhere they have permeated:

  • • Walls
  • • Ceilings
  • • Cupboards
  • • Doors
  • • Sub-flooring
  • • Studs and more

Our neutralizing molecules then bind with the malodorous molecules converting them into a non-odorous compound. The entire odor cycle is eliminated permanently! We treat the entire interior structure and contents.

Our odor removal system employs a balanced blend of selected ingredients found only in natural botanical oils. There are no toxins, perfumes or residues of any type. We offer complete and permanent odor removal or no charge. There is no one else who can make this offer. We do it because, bottom line, our service works!

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