Trash Chutes - Odor Control Service

Our approach to odor removal/control is rather unique as we do not use any air fresheners, ozone or sprays, neither do we employ any means of masking or cover ups. Our process is all natural, nontoxic and totally green. We actually eliminate/control odors at the molecular level, our odor controllers emit the molecules from our formula and they in turn seek out and bind with the offending malodorous molecules thereby converting these malodorous molecules into non-odorous compounds.

Odor Control Service – Trash Chutes

Our monthly service prevents your trash chutes from having those lingering odor problems and we do so by installing our odor control machine in the dumpster room and it runs 24-7-365 controlling the odors at the molecular level. Not only do we control the odors in the trash dumpster room but our molecules, emitted from our odor controllers and being airborne, are drafted up the chutes and automatically treat not only the chutes but also every chute room without the need for any equipment in any of the chute rooms on any of the floors.

As a result, residents bringing their trash to the chute room, enter, open the chute, and deposit their trash down the chute without experiencing the ever present foul odors emitted from the trash and as an added benefit there are no bad odors to spill out into the common hallways from the chute rooms. Wouldn't this be a great experience for prospective future residents as their first impression of your community? An odorless trash chute for all to use…what a wonderful amenity to offer.

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