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Industries Served

Rainbow Services currently serves the odor control and removal needs of any industry. The following are but a few of them.

 Property Management and Real Estate


(Odor Control and Removal)

A property or rental unit can look fantastic, but if unpleasant odors linger, a signed contract is but a dream. Odors arise from normal occupancy (smoking, pets, cooking, and curry) as well as from extreme circumstance (fire damage, stale water leaks, decomposing flesh.) These persistent odors often mean the difference between a sale or lease and properties that remain vacant. Rainbow Services completely eliminates odor problems at their source and guarantee, in writing, that the odors will never return.

 Automotive Industry


(Odor Removal)

 Cars with bad odors are harder to sell, cost more to recondition (with no guarantee of odor removal) and can mean the difference between a retail sale and sending the vehicle to wholesale auction.

Rainbow Services has service plans for dealers to ensure that every car that needs odor removal can get it immediately. Our service more than pays for itself through faster inventory turnover and less vehicles in wholesale auction - in other words, we can help you realize thousands of dollars in potentially lost revenue.

 Daycare Facilities


(Odor Control)

 The daycare environment provides a wealth of opportunities for bad odors. While this is not a reflection of cleanliness, it is most often perceived that way by parents. In addition, the foul odors create a most unpleasant environment that adversely impacts children and employees. The results are a lower close rate on new business, higher turnover rates and lower employee satisfaction.

Rainbow Services can both eliminate and control the odors generated from soiled diapers, pets and other common smells in the daycare environment. We can help you provide an odor-free environment that prospects notice and parents and employees appreciate.

 Medical Industry


(Odor Control)

 Medical facilities (nursing homes, clinics and hospitals) provide a vital service in caring for those who are sick or can no longer take care of themselves. Odors have both emotional impact on its residents and a potentially damaging impact on revenues.

Nursing homes provide a vital service for older adults. When people search for a nursing home or assisted living facility, they are on an emotional roller coaster. They want the best possible arrangement for their loved ones. Any foul odors they encounter have a huge impact on their facility selection. Furthermore, if they encounter persistent odors when visiting relatives, chances are they will look for another facility eventually. As a business, empty rooms and turnover can cost nursing homes thousands and thousands of dollars every month. While the things that cause odors (sickness, soiled linens, soiled diapers) are normal in this environment, the odors can be controlled and eliminated with Rainbow Services.

Hospital, like nursing homes, has a wide range of odors that are normal for the environment. At the same time, both patients and employees are affected by these odors. Rainbow Services started in the medical industry and has helped countless facilities remove and control odors. In extreme cases, patient care and happiness were at risk due to the odors emitted from the patient. In this event, we provided a service that made it tolerable for family to visit and for employees to provide the best possible care. Rainbow Services can do the same for your facility.