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Permanent Odor Removal Guaranteed or no Charge!

It is scientifically impossible for our service not to work !

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What we Do
Rainbow Services offers an odor control and removal service that is safe, clean, natural, non-toxic and utilizes state of the art technology. We do not use deodorizers, ozone or air fresheners which only temporarily mask odors. We permanently eliminate all odors at the molecular level, even smoking, curry and pets. Odors permeate inside walls, ceilings, carpets, under padding, sub-floors, etc. Simply masking the odors will not solve
your problem!

Serving California Since 1989

Rainbow Services has spent decades developing a proven method for odor removal and odor control services. The company offers a free, no obligation estimate for any and all odor removal and odor control problems. Call us toll free today at (800) 655-6013 . All you have to lose is the odors!